Marvelosa töltött paprika

For lunch, I went down to a little quiet restaurant-café called Marvelosa on the main street on the Buda side that runs parallel to the Danube.  While they had a cute menu with a variety of homemade Hungarian-style dishes, I had the daily special: töltött paprika (stuffed peppers).  They were so delicious.  It was one of those throwback moments to childhood when you see grandmothers preparing something so weird looking that you absolutely refuse to eat it until you’re in your twenties and it dawns on you that you’ve truly wasted more than a quarter of your life NOT eating things stuffed with meats and cheeses in creamy reductions.

Along with the peppers, there were some perfect little potatoes, and the desert course was a light watermelon spread drizzled with honey.  In addition, I had a sparkling water.  All of this, with tip, was a little less than 800 forints, which is about 5 US dollars.  Even with as weak as the dollar is and as strong as the Hungarian forint is becoming, it was still an amazing price for a wonderful meal.


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