magyar food & drink

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the grocery store can be a somewhat perplexing experience because there are very few English cognates in Hungarian.  Therefore, if you are caught in the deli without a dictionary, you’re likely to ask yourself, is this chicken, turkey, pork, or some special Hungarian thing I don’t know about but probably tastes like the other three?  So in the spirit of culinary adventures and mystery meats, I’ve taken a few shots of food and drink for today’s slideshow.  This is pretty much what I have been eating the last two weeks.  I didn’t take pictures of any American foods that I’ve prepared because most of you can see a quesadilla anywhere (though the picture would have been priceless that captured the look on my face when I spotted the tortillas in the grocery store’s specialty aisle and proceeded to act like lunatic junkie stumbling upon the free smack samples).


4 thoughts on “magyar food & drink

  1. ha ha. i can imagine that the tortillas were an exciting find. just wait until you finally find the spicy cheetos. angels will sing.

  2. actually, they have some kind of cheeto item, though i’m not exactly what it is. but this should rest your little weary georgia soul that you don’t have to pack a second carry one with snack sized versions of the regular kind. but really, after 6, 7, or 8 beers, food is really optional. szia!

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