in nógrád

So this is the short and sweets remotely from Nógrád where I’ve been doing some private teaching with the previously mentioned family in the previously mentioned village.  The short stack of what I’ve learned so far includes the fact that America will never be as good as Hungary in water polo, off road vehicles will flip over if you drive them up the steepest grade of a hill—sideways, if you don’t start including the vast array of Magyar soups into your daily diet soon you might as well never eat again, and if you make the trek to teach someone else your mother tongue you will undoubtedly learn more about their language and culture (and probably more about yourself along the way).

I’ll be finished in another two days and will get back to the land of regular blurbing.  I have been note-taking and snapping away like mad, so warm yourself up a pot and get the biscuits out of the oven.  It’s going to be a long one.

Free-roaming Donkey from previous post was put into the stables as a punishment by the workers this morning because he ate their food.  He was not pleased.


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