in the spirit of change

I’ve been working on some corporate policy contracts and have been utterly devestated by how America just kicks and kicks hard working people down.  But this isn’t supposed to be a bad-news post.  Instead, it can perhaps bring some hope for the turning tide on Tuesday and beyond.  And in the spirit of liberal, Democratic women getting the vote out and in for Obama, here is a little snipit of the Hungarian labor law regarding maternity leave:

Section 138

(1) Women in the pregnancy period or giving birth shall be entitled to twenty-four weeks of paid maternity leave.

(5) The employee shall be entitled to a leave of absence
a) in order to care for the child until the child reaches the age of three;
b) in order to care for the child until the child reaches the age of fourteen, if the employee receives a child-care allowance;
c) in order – in the event of the child’s illness – to provide home care until the child reaches the age of twelve.

(6) During the first six months of nursing, a woman shall be entitled to two hours of worktime allowance each day, and one hour daily thereafter up to the end of the ninth month. In respect of multiple births, the worktime allowance for nursing shall be commensurate with the number of children.

I mean seriously, can you imagine your average American factory worker or Wal-Mart cashier going to the line boss and saying, excuse me, but I need my two hours to nurse and care for my child?  Yeah right.  And it’s a shame.

So here’s to hope.  And the next 36 hours that could save America.


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