Back to the City

by Bruno Bourel  --  and I am totally becoming this woman

by Bruno Bourel -- and I am totally becoming this woman

About a month ago we bought some old photo postcards to fill a few of the left over Ikea frames we bought to decorate the living room.  It took a little longer than expected, but yesterday, I finally  put up the entirely amazing Camilla Engman prints I bought in the summer.

I love these old cityscape photographs, regardless of the setting, but this one in particularly really makes me excited for spring, open markets and people gazing.  I love how the woman on the right is just standing there eating an ice cream cone, while the other woman with the questionable knee-highs is counting out her money.  This was taken in 1990 just after the fall of communism.  I just adore that basket backpack, holding more baskets!

We had a pretty busy February, but I hope to be back to the usual grind in March.  Spring has started to creep around the corners.  It’s a little rainy, but warmer.  This weekend we’re going to be in Szeged for a day or two, and I’m really looking forward to a slow walk in the park and cool, spring evening in a city center café.


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