Hazards of Knowing a Writer in the Modern Age

conversation via text message, Friday, March 6th, 2009

“How much would a whole pig cost in 1950?”

“I’m in a meeting right now.”

“A dead pig, not living.”

“I’ll try to look it up during the break.”

“Just ask Zsolt to estimate it really quickly.  It has to be more interesting than HR on a Friday afternoon and I need to finish my chapter.”

“He answered, ‘what?’  And was forint even used then.”

“No, there was no currency then allll of those years ago.  The currency was in trade for donkeys and carts and women.  Are you even Hungarian?”

“There had to be something.  Pengo vagy forint.  Or camels.”

“I’ll just write 10 grand for 5 pigs.  No one in America will know.  Except the legion of women my grandma’s age who will write me hate mail about how my character got ripped off for those pigs.”


4 thoughts on “Hazards of Knowing a Writer in the Modern Age

  1. And it really happened exactly like this.
    I wish I could see my own face during the HR Seriously Professional Conference when I read the “How much would a whole pig cost in 1950?” message! At least I could see Zsolt’s face… and we made it without visible laughing… I think.

  2. Well I think you should have interrupted the meeting and set the question to the panel. Then you would have been the lunatic at the conference and no one would have questioned you if you left early!

  3. ha! i don’t think 10 grand would buy much more against the dollar these days than maybe a penny poem on a beach boardwalk!

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