Sebestyén ICZE Cuvée 2005


I have been really behind on my wine postings, though I have all of my tasting notes in a lovely lineless moleskin ready to form into posts sometime soon.  Since the last time I posted about a white, I thought I would follow with a red today.

Winemaker: Sebestyén Csaba


Location: Szekszárd

Type: Cuvée

Year:  2005

The city of Szekszárd is where the Transdanubian hills and Great Hungarian Plain converge.


The city was destroyed twice (well the castle once and the city once)  The great Hungarian King Matthias destroyed the castle because the town was home to Bishop John who was involved in a plot to kill the king, and the second time by the Turks in the fifteenth century.  It only became a “city” in 1994 because the Hungarian law changed to make sure that every capital of a county seat would be known as a “city” even though Szekszárd is quite small.

According to the city’s website, red wine is the draw:

The real flagship of the viticulture of Szekszárd is the red wine. The characteristic acid content of the full-bodied red wines (also popular abroad) – despite the lack of natural soil conditions – is guaranteed by the natural tunnid acid content of the cultivated wines and the fermentation in the skin of grapes. The typical wine types are: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, kékfrankos, merlot, rarely zweigelt and oporto. Beside the full-bodied, fiery, rich in alcohol and tannin- nearly black- red wines, the mild, fresh but high content rosés are popular of late century.

So we tasted a Cuvée, which belongs to the French meaning vat or tank.  It just means that probably the wine was made in a vat or tank, and most good wineries will use the term on their label to signify that the wine is a special blend or of higher quality.

This particular wine was light and fruity.  The color was dark, I thought, a deep cranberry, and it smelled both fruity and spicy.  I was surprised when I tasted it that it didn’t taste stronger.  It had a really smooth aftertaste and I think probably a great wine to drink during the week.  Before I came to Hungary I was a much bigger red wine drinker, though I have been slowly converted by the fantastic white wines here.  Still, this wine was a very pleasant red.

In the wine journal that we started, Györgyi wrote: színe miatt, a világos színe miatt. kellemes utóíz.  Aparently she thought it had a light color and also that it had a very pleasant aftertaste as well.



2 thoughts on “Sebestyén ICZE Cuvée 2005

  1. Thanks Joseph! I’m probably the furthest thing from an expert in this field, but seeing that I’m interested in place almost as much as the wine itself, I like to put more of that info into these posts! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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