Ladies and Gentlemen and Internet,

It is my great pleasure to introduce:

Barnabás Miklós István Mihályi Jewell

after first bath

after first bath

Barnabas (pronounced–Barn -a- bash– and don’t forget to roll that r) is the newest member of the Budajest family.  He’s around 4 years old and was wandering the streets of a small Hungarian village before he was rescued by the Spaniel SOS.

the windblown look

the windblown look

Barnus (Bar-noosh)  is an English Cocker Spaniel and is the sweetest nugget ever.  On every street corner and in every little bakery and seamstress and little fruit stand I hear Istenemmmm (my god) rolling out of the mouths every old lady he passes.  He understands Hungarian, so I’ve been working on him with English commands, though he’ll pretty much understand anything if there is a little slice of kolbasz at the end of it.  He loves to walk and play outside, obviously, and has so far been completely accepting of the million photographs Gy and I have already taken of him.  We’re planning on posing him with as many old Hungarian sculptures and landmarks that we come across.  So in case you don’t like the historical bits of this website, the concession is a picture of an adorable dog.

So, until you meet again, have a wonderful Easter weekend (and long weekend if you live in Hungary).

And Barnabás, take your bow.



7 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen and Internet,

  1. We love him already. He is so cute. I can’t tell how big he is but I am guessing 25 pounds???? Is he about Coco’s size or larger? He certainly look thinner than Coco. I love his name also.


  2. 🙂 he’s about 12 kilos so yes, about 25 pounds. he’s taller than coco but he’s thinner. and he’s got a bigger head than coco, but i would say coco is a little more “solid” 🙂

  3. Thanks Jen! It’s so nice to hear from you 🙂 I saw little Edith’s dew claw mini cast and it was heartbreaking. I hope all is well with you!

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