The Easter Water Hose and Our Little Punk

It wouldn't be a holiday without seasonal socks from my Mom!

It wouldn't be a holiday without seasonal socks from my Mom!

So the Hungarian version goes something like this:  When Jesus was dead (or maybe not—I watched a great Discovery Channel hour on an alternative theory this weekend, called “Did Jesus Die?”) in the crypt, all of the women went there and were pacing and crying and shivering and generally SO HYSTERICAL that the men had to throw water at them.  Not like a water hose—though that is what I imagine—but rather just some sprinkles.  So now, on every Easter Sunday, the tradition demands that women wait around at home and men that know them come to their doors and sprinkle water on them.  Fortunately we live far enough away from male family members that we remained safe from the water throwing, though this little guy has been tracking a lot of water around (especially post-long-run-in-the-warm-weather):

It was a really lovely long Easter weekend actually.  The weather was totally gorgeous and we had time to catch up on some spring organizing, fondant-covered-cupcake decorating, and a small get-together on Sunday night.

1fondant fondant

I was recently enamored by Bakerella’s fondant cupcakes and so even though I despise baking because of having to measure things, I decided to give it a go this weekend.  Even though it was a little hot to roll and form the fondant, we had a lot of fun.

cooking easterdinner

Easter dinner has always been kind of a blah dinner for me, especially because my #1 most-hated food is ham.  But since Gy is Hungarian and ham is one of the basic food groups, after sour cream, szalámi, paprika and pálinka, we decided to make a small little Easter dinner.  Seriously, how old school are deviled eggs (töltött tojás)?

On Sunday night we had some friends over for some drinks, wii, and dance party (once Zsolt and Szilvi arrived with the American oldies classics mix).  Szent Barnabás was in attention heaven moving from one guest to the next just waiting to be stroked and fed baked brie.

zsolt andi

szilvi anita1

It was a wonderful time and considering that the house security guard had to ask us to be quiet only twice, I felt it was a swimming success.


We also made a very important discovery about Barnabás:  Even if you smooth his hair completely back on his head, he has a little patch by his eyes that stays standing, like a little canine mohawk.  So hardcore.


One thought on “The Easter Water Hose and Our Little Punk

  1. Nice dog Jess! By the way, mom sent me the exact same card. Do you think there was some kind of 2 for 1 discount?

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