Staying In

Detective Barnabás Poirot on the case of Mono the cat

Detective Barnabás Poirot on the case of Mono the cat

This and last week have been sort of a blur.  Post birthday-post Easter-post Prague-back to work kind of blur, I guess.  We’ve been lucky here in central/eastern Europe because the weather has been insanely gorgeous for about two steady weeks.  And then I checked the weather for today, eagerly anticipating the weekend, and we’re looking at two days of thunderstorms and rain.  We wanted to go to the castle and walk around tomorrow, sit at a Cukrászda (ice cream, cakes, coffees kind of place), but now it looks like we may have to stay inside.

Tulip Trees

Tulip Trees

Even with the rain coming, the tulip trees have bloomed and look magnificent all over the city.  These were snapped in Szeged about two weeks ago.  They’ve opened now.

And even if we can’t go to the castle tomorrow, I have a lot to look forward to in upcoming weeks.  The biggest, perhaps (other than going back to America at the end of July for a few weeks) is my birthday present from Györgyi:


July 3rd--County Cork, Ireland--Josh Ritter Live at the Marquee--w/ Full Orchestra!!

Yes, that did bring a little sun to my day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world.


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