A Few Updates


As many of you have already noticed, I’ve added two new features to Budajest.  First, you’ll see that Barnabás now has his own daily photography site.  You can get there directly by clicking on his Visit Barnabas link at the top right side of this blog.  In addition, you can now see our Twitter updates on the right column of this website.  Okay, that’s all!


Almost every morning, Györgyi and Barnabás walk to the bakery at the end of our road for fresh kifli—these are like sliver-moon pieces of bread with a little bit of salt on top.  They’re not buttery like croissants. Four kifli are 88 forints (38 cents) and one is enough for breakfast.  The one I am eating right now is no longer a sliver-moon because I was too hungry to wait to take the picture.  But you get the idea.

Europeans know bread.  It’s a cultural right, I think, and this little bakery is no exception.  There are sweet and savory breads in every shape and size.  Last Saturday we tried what Györgyi promised would be “like a jelly donut, just in a loaf.”

I am now calling this the socialist jelly donut.


Despite the lack of jelly, the bread was sweet like kalacs and still a bit warm.  Yum.


Probably the best part of the bakery is the woman who works there.  She is head over heals in love with Barnus, and when he goes into the shop, she stops everything to give him a little kiss.

bakerb1 bakerb2

Last weekend we went there and she was on the phone and we actually heard her say, as we were walking through the door, (in Hungarian of course), “I have to go, Barnabás is here.”  Even the delivery guy put down his boxes to give him a little pet.

I know that he’s being spoiled rotten, really.  On Thursday night our dear friend and brilliant, Pulitzer prize winning photographer Nori was over and declared that she wouldn’t mind being a dog in our household.

So yes, we know we’re spoiling him, but he was wandering rundown villages from trash can to trash can for three years until one day he got so sick that he was taken to a hospital and surrendered—and then made his way to us.  So, I kind of feel like the world owes him a little bit.

I don’t have any big plans this weekend, luckily, except for enjoying the amazing sunshine and resting up a little bit for the crazy month ahead.  On Saturday the Tokaj Renaissance Association is having their annual vintage wine debut at the Gerbeaud House and I thought about going but (1).  It’s 6,000 HUF ($26) and (2).  the invitation suggests wearing dressy dressy dress.  No thanks.  Still, if you’re in town and want something nice to do, they’ll be showcasing the 16 leading Tokaj winemakers and their best wines from 2005.  If you’re not the type to ever spend 50,000 HUF ($219) on a bottle of wine, then you can get in your tastes now for a relatively good tasting price.  If you know nothing about the region or the Tokaj wines– just be prepared for the sweets.

We might try out a new Brooklyn-style pizzeria this weekend, maybe go to a movie, or the park for a little bit.  And of course the dreaded Spring Cleaning re-organization of summer/winter clothes in drawyers and the annual re-organization of the kitchen pots, pans, my new baking stuff, and utinsels.  So, until Monday, safe-travels and a lovely weekend for all of you, wherever you are in the world.


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