On Sunday we went to the castle and to Fisherman’s Bastion to take some picture of Barnabás before the tourists swarmed from their buses and we had to pay to get up to the top.  There’s nothing from blocking you from getting up onto Fisherman’s Bastion during the off hours, and if you really want an amazing picture of Pest– parliament, duna, margit island, temploms, bridges, etc., I suggest going at sunset or sunrise, both times usually are times when you don’t have to actually pay to walk up to the viewing bridge.

We were there at sunrise, basically, and even though I wasn’t there to take pictures of the view, I must have accidentally pressed the trigger while we were setting B up for his shoot.  It wasn’t even an afterthought, really, but an accident.  Still, you can see how magnificent the view is, how illuminated and quiet the river is in the morning.  I should have taken some more, but I was focused on other projects:



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