The Magyar Ocean


It seems too early to be making weekplan plans already, but alas the weekend starts tomorrow.  I’m going to be in Balatonfüred, which is a tiny little resort on the shore of Lake Balaton (Hungary’s ocean), and the location of a Central European oil conference.  I’m not going for the conference, really, but rather as an opportunity to have a nice lake holiday, and maybe serve as an emergency conference errand or editing gal.  We’ll see.


Balatonfüred is known for its pier, its proximity to wine country, and for attracting fishermen and sailors.  There are mineral springs and two marinas and lots of nice little quaint restaurants overlooking the river.  In addition, I’m staying at a swanky, new hotel with a gorgeous wellness center.  Most of all, before the weekend crowd from the city comes rushing in on Friday night, I’m looking forward to sitting by a big bit of water, reading, letting the sun dim my eyelids–something I haven’t done since last July in Hilton Head, SC.  I miss big water when I’m landbound.  So I can’t wait to get to Balaton, the magyar ocean.

As a footnote, I should mention that if you’re from NE Ohio, and you’re interested in trying Hungarian-style food, there is Balaton Restaurant at 13133 Shaker Sq (216) 921-9691.  It’s been reviewed fairly widely and always seems to get a lot of praise as being authentic Hungarian.  I think I might try it this summer and see how it stacks up to the real thing.


3 thoughts on “The Magyar Ocean

  1. Ocean? Well, I would rather call it a – sort of – pond. Nevertheless, I like it, especially night-nude-swimming. We do that every year connected with a little libikóka (seesaw maybe?) at the beach.

  2. Well if that’s the case I’m going make sure that I definitely have the camera batteries charged and ready to go. There will be so many great pics for next year’s TXM Annual Report!

  3. I would really be affraid of the sea creatures in the water, so I will rather stuck with my professional massage plan on my back. Can’t wait.

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