On Tuesday, Barnabás went to the Kutyákozmetika (kutya = dog, kozmetika = cosmetician).  The place where we went last time, in the 13th district a few blocks from our flat, was not taking appointments until next week, so we had to go to this new place in the 2nd district.  When I saw the sign with that dog that kind of looks like a small, sad Moses from one of those 1970s Bible study books for kids,  I was kind of concerned.  But having been on a farm holiday for five days, Barnabás was in desperate need of a shampoo.  And his hair was so long and curly, I don’t even know if he could see.  For reference, here is a 1 minute before video (he loves yawning, burping, and sleeping to hipster music):

But the ladies inside were very professional and knew all of the breed standard haircuts.  The owner asked us how we wanted his hair cut.  Györgyi told them to cut it short and that it didn’t have to be like spaniel-show quality or anything, especially because as soon as he arrives back in the 13th district he’s going to run into a river or bush, plant his face in a muddy puddle, or dive into a box of trash looking for old, spoiled chicken bones.

DSCN8755 DSCN8773

And he did a good job with the ladies, who were adoring him when we arrived back to pick him up.  He kind of has that Jes, stop taking pictures and get me out of here, look on his face, but actually I think he loved the attention.


Of course as soon as we arrived home, he knew exactly how to position his little eyes for beef stick.  And since he looked so much like a little unevenly cut black goat, I just couldn’t resist giving it to him.

For contact info for this particular Kutyákozmetika, the number is on the first picture.  They are located in District II and the price for the works was 4,500 HUF (approximately $20) + tip.


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