Long Weekend & River House


We’re spending the extra long holiday weekend in Szeged.  I’m starting to feel better, finally, after getting another antibiotic yesterday, and we have been really enjoying the warm plains sunshine.  Today we went to the river house so that Barnabás could play with Alfi.  Some people outside of the house to the left were making fish soup in a pewter pot over a fire next to the river.  It smelled totally delicious and the white smoke kept wafting to our yard where we were sniffing it all up and gliding on the patio swing.  Tomorrow we’re going to grill out as well, and we’re going to head back to the buda on Monday afternoon filled up with all of the good Szegedian energies and, hopefully, some good pics for next week’s blurbs.


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend & River House

  1. “In our small town (population 3,000) we have two drug sorets, each one of them is larger than the average supermarket in Budapest”I think this shows there is something rotten in your small town

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