To the Sea


We’re a few hours from heading to the Adriatic sea on the Croatian coast for a little weekend getaway.  Not bad for July 4th weekend.  The place where we are going is about six hours from Budapest, and about an hour from Italy.


I’m extremely excited because we’re staying a luxury bed and breakfast that is in a little mountain nook overlooking the sea.  In addition, they have what’s been noted as one of the best gourmet seaside restaurants in Croatia.


The hotel (4 rooms) is owned by two couples, and one of the husbands owns a fishing boat, which keeps the restaurant fully stocked with all of the fresh catches of the day.  These of course are just stock photos from their little website, but I’m charging my camera right now, and am looking forward to taking pictures of everything we see and experience.

Hope everyone in America, (and all Americans abroad too), have a happy and safe 4th!


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