Lists and Storms

The last few days have been totally nuts around here.  I’ve been making lists over and over again, adding, crossing off, questioning whether I realllllly need those Jcrew capris from two years ago that I only wore for that one I-might-need-these occasion, in case there might be another I-might-need-these occasion while I’m home next week.  Especially when in the back of my mind I know that I’ll probably end up wearing one pair of cropped climbing pants and a black tee for three weeks straight.

Luckily on Saturday, after a sweltering few days in the city, a huge storm came through Budapest and brought with it a little relief from the hot and humid weather.  The storm was dark and violent and totally relieving.  Hopefully we’ll be out of here before the city starts to get painful again.  While I like the heat, I think it will be more tolerable on a bike through the valley.  Or at a bar sipping Great Lakes.

So, the posts have been light this week, but I still have the Lanchid Bridge fair and the Great Synagogue to write about this week.  And I will.  As for now, back to my lists, and I’ll leave the storm for you:



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