Weekend Mornings


The past two weeks have been so packed and crazy that we’ve spent the weekends just relaxing.  I almost feel guilty that I don’t have anything all that exciting to post–no travels or new discoveries this week.  But I have definitely needed to ease into the fall before the winds start to pick up speed again.


I love this sculpture, kiskirálylány, “The Little Princess”, even though it’s probably the most popular sculpture in Budapest.  It’s on the riverwalk in front of the Marriott (Danube and Buda Castle in the background) where there is just a long lane of cafes and restaurants.  We went over last weekend just to take a peak around, since it was early and cool and mostly free from crowds.


Roosevelt Square, at the mouth of the Lánchíd Bridge, which is home to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Four Seasons, and the beginning of the riverwalk path, is a place where you are destined to end up if you visit Budapest, as it is one of the most popular stops along the tourist agenda.  But try walking around in the early morning or off season when there aren’t city sightseeing buses emptying themselves into a river of other tourists.  You can get a more authentic sense of the old city then– and there won’t be other people or cameras in your view.


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