Budavári Pálinka és Kolbászfesztivál


The weather has certainly been changing around these parts.  Next weekend we’re heading to Salzburg to revisit as many scenes of my absolute favorite childhood movie, The Sound of Music, as possible.  My Mom and I used to watch that movie every single Christmas and I used to think that I would NEVER be old enough to sing I am 16 going on 17.  So it will be a little lifelong dream to see the hills where the music is alive!

As for this weekend, the weather does not slow down any plans or festivals.  The very largest, and the one that probably most people are excited for, is the Palinka and Kolbasz Festival!  There is absolutely NOTHING more Hungarian than this festival.  It’s really kind of evil.  And to make it even better, it will be in Buda Castle.


It began yesterday and runs through this Sunday.


The entry price is 1900 HUF (about 7 Euros) and you get a tasting glass and a 500 HUF tasting coupon.  Just like the fabulous wine festival there, you have to buy tickets to sample the palinkas.  And then when you’re too drunk to stand, you can make your way over to the pavilion for kolbasz and music.

Even if you don’t like brandy and are a vegetarian, it’s still a festival that is worth the admission price.  The view is so lovely this time of year, and it’s worth going just for the atmosphere.  Cheers!


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