We had a fabulous Halloween this year.  The trees a on Margit Island are almost completely turned and even though it’s cold, the sun has been pretty strong for the past few days.  I know I’m behind on posting, and I still have some Salzburg pics to post and of course all of the pictures and fun from our Halloween party on Saturday.  I’ve been suddenly (& luckily) inundated with freelance writing work, but posting will be more plentiful this week.  Just like this beautiful season!



6 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Who would have thought…


    You know what Jess, ever since I’ve seen ppl write about halloween candy on their facebook profiles, i have this mad craving for mini penut butter cups…in Halloween colors of course..

  2. I’m going to direct all complaints to my mom because she actually had the nerve to NOT send me any halloween candy this year, which is beyond cruel. I’ll put in a request for Thanksgiving-themed peanut butter cups, though!

  3. Thanks! I think they have them in Abu Dhabi, so the worst case scenario is that I will have the Christmas themes ones :o)

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