A Hungarian Halloween


We had a little Halloween party two Saturday nights ago for a few friends and it was so much fun.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  I’m not sure why.  The colors, the parties, the dog costumes!  It’s a little harder to find Halloween party supplies here, because the holiday is just catching on, but we were able to make due.

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I made some cupcakes and we dressed Barnsie up as a little old Hungarian lady, though he wouldn’t keep the hat on.  Next year I have to order him a costume earlier, because we couldn’t find any two or three weeks leading up to the party.

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We bought a few pumpkins for carving (it was Szilvi’s first time) and a few Haloweenie plates and covers.  And of course some American candy from the local specialty food store.  Peanut butter cups, Oreos, etc.

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We played quite a lot of Wii, ate some brie, stuffed mushrooms, fancy salad, drank wine and champagne, and just generally had a nice little Halloween.  I burned my batch of homemade Chex Mix before everyone arrived, which I was really bummed about.  But luckily Gyorgyi bought a wheel of brie the size of a truck tire, so I think everyone had enough.  And of course Barnabas went wherever the food and pets were.  He was so exhausted he slept almost the entire next day without waking up.

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The next day, Szilvi and Erika joined forces (with Barnabas of course) to make us an amazing early lunch.  All I know is that it involved chicken and cream and cheese.  I had a great time and I feel really grateful to have fun friends to help celebrate these silly American holidays.  I always feel so much at home in these moments.


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