Horse Evolution

white horse

Last weekend we went to see the Horse Evolution show.  It was at the Expo center, and along with our show tickets we were able to see the equestrian exhibition and the snowboarding exhibition next door!  Of all of the shows I have seen in my life, this was, perhaps, the highest on the geek scale.  But it was really spectacular.  And I don’t really know how to describe it.  I will include some youtube videos of the show to give you a better idea of what we saw.  Here is the advertisement for the show:

There are 36 horses in the show, all at the highest levels of training in dressage and other formal skills.

2 3

There were acrobatic routines and dancing (even the horses could tap dance and bow).

4 5

Among other breeds, there were some of the finest Hungarian Arabian horses in the show.  More impressively, the event showcased the Hungarian style of horsemanship, which as I’ve written about several times, and is a long and proud tradition here.  And honestly I don’t know why but when the single white horse was running around I got a little teary.  It was just really beautiful.

The show runs throughout the year across Europe, so if you’re ever in the area, and have a particular love for horses or horse shows, I would definitely recommend checking it out.


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