So, we were in in Africa today.  Morocco.  Tangier, specifically.  I can’t believe I actually touched Africa.  It seems like so many years and dreams ago since I was a little girl and thought about Africa as being a zillion miles away.

Anyway, I have about 200 pictures of the bazaar, spice market and kasbah, and I will be uploading them soon.

I realized today that the more places I see, the bigger the world seems. And how wonderful it all is.


2 thoughts on “Africa

  1. I am glad you like cofee espresso. I do too.
    You have only touch the tip of Africa. The Northern part called the Maghreb. Adventure more south of the continent and it is quite different.
    Nice Blog.



    • Thank you! Yes, I was lucky to be able to see the just that bit of Africa when I was travelling in Southern Spain, but I hope some day I will be able to see more!

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