A Birthday Party

Saturday was Andi Gajdács’ birthday party. Andi and her sister Edi have been Györgyi’s good friends for years, and they were one of the first pair to openly welcome me into Hungary. They don’t speak English, but they generously guided me through the most important Hungarian cuss words and vulgar phrases. They are both gems, and are testament to how regardless of language and understanding, good people are good people.

The party was held at Csabi’s (Edi’s fiance) workplace garage. I don’t know how to describe it officially. I think he owns a business that involves painting or stripping or fixing or repairing cars. On one side of the street was an office and the other was this big warehouse with car bones and lots of open space.  And where in America you might find Buds and burgers circulating a casual birthday bash, in Hungary you find a GIANT cauldron of beef stew being tended by a mechanic and several bottles of Magyar moonshine (my new phrase for homemade pálinka) making their way through the crowd. In addition to wine and other liquors, which Edi and Andi attempted to murder me with throughout the night.

It was a fabulous time. After a few hours the lights were dimmed and old traditional Hungarian folk music came on the speakers and everyone was singing and clapping and dancing. They may not be good at winning wars, but Hungarians KNOW how to party, that is absolutely certain. By the end of the night I was making my way through a limbo line and speaking perfectly fluent Hungarian (well, almost).

Barnabás also attended.  He was fed approximately 15 bowls of beef stew and probably a few sips of vodka (Please address all hate mail to “Friends of Andi, Szeged, Hungary”).

So happy birthday sweet Andi. I hope the next 36 bring you even more happiness and light, because you certainly give away a lot of it to everyone around you. Cheers.


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