Thirty Flames

So yesterday was my 30th birthday.  It’s shocking to even type that now.  I remember when I was 10 and thought… in just six years I’ll be driving.  I was in the car with Mom on Misty Lane in Copley, Ohio.  And later that night she pulled to a stoplight on Route 18 (this was way before it became an eyesore of commercial development)– and she turned to me and said Don’t EVER do this!— before drag racing a black truck next to us, then pealing onto the interstate.  She won. I hope ten years from now, when I’m the age she was then, I can be that cool.  These might help:

Woo!  Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Györgyi got me these for my birthday.

And my parents sent me the most beautiful turquoise bracelet:

Györgyi also gave me a beautiful ring (story to come in another post):

It’s white gold and ivory and has a Hungarian folk-inspired design to the pattern. It was created by a very rad local jewelry artist, Bence Fördős. His pieces are very unique—think jewelry journeyman meets 22nd-century metallurgist.

So it’s just the beginning of the weekend here and tonight we’re going out for “Mexican” food and margaritas with some friends. And then I suppose I’ll get back to the business of starting my 30s.

It’s off to a bright start, I think.  Györgyi paraded out the cake with 30 candles last night.  And I bowed my head and shut my eyes tightly to make my birthday wishes for the decade ahead of me.

Then I set a little bit of my hair on fire.


3 thoughts on “Thirty Flames

  1. Jes. Happy Birthday! I wish that I had internet last night so that I could hop on the chat, but alas, I didn’t. I thought about your birthday and made a little wish for you anyway. I can’t wait to talk to you. I’ve been working like crazy, but I promise to stay up extra late soon. OR. You could just call me sometime! OR. I could call you! Anyway, Happy Happy 30th. I hope you have a great dinner tonight and I’m sorry about your hair (and for laughing hysterically at your expense).


  2. “I fell in to a burning ring of fire
    I went down,down,down
    and the flames went higher.
    And it burns,burns,burns
    the ring of fire
    the ring of fire.”


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