Vári Cukrászda

Well the season is upon us again.  Ice Cream Season! And as soon as the temperature flopped above about 65 F, Hungarians and the rest of us luckies living here marched the the nearest cukrászda for a scoop. Or two.

Based on Marci’s recommendation we drove alllllllllllllllll the way out to District 16 to go to Vári Cukrászda. Keep in mind that there are about 15 cukrászdas in our district alone, so to leave for the outskirts was a major test of our desire to have a good scoop. When we saw the little shanty building busting at its indoor and outdoor seams with people, we knew we had found the right place.

Once we made it to the front of the line the exact wonder of the tantalizing flavors was revealed. From the berry to the savory, their award-winning bio-milk only ice cream all looked beautiful. I had some kind of mint and chocolate scoop and a scoop of arabian coffee. Györgyi had a fig and a scoop of rhubarb, which she thinks is called Rhubarbara in English (like a proper lady).

This is not a white gloves service kind of place, so if you want that, stay in District V. But for maybe the best ice cream in Budapest (I know, I know, those are fighting words) visit Vári Cukrászda. Enjoy the flavors, the atmosphere and (finally!) this gorgeous weather.

Vári Cukrászda
1162 Budapest, Szlovák u. 86
+36 (1) 409-5107


9 thoughts on “Vári Cukrászda

  1. Hi,
    It was nice to meet you yesterday 🙂
    The blog is very nice. And Vari Cukraszda! Had been there several times, I love it!
    Eva 🙂

  2. Hi! 🙂 We been looking for this place all day but couldn’t find it 😦 We did not have the name before, but tomorrow we try again 🙂 Thank you for this post! XO

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