Running of the Cows

A few weeks ago we went to a little village called Nagyvázsony (population just over 1,800) very near to Lake Balaton and Veszprém. They were holding their annual event where the town gathers together and walks the cows to the pasture.

We were running a little late because as soon as we neared the lake, opening everywhere before us were these enormous fields of yellow flowering plants. Fields extending to the horizon and interrupted only by varying and bright greens and blues. The endless April rains really did their job. So of course we had to stop for pictures.

By the time we made it to the event, it was basically over.  All of the townspeople were walking away from the fields and home to a nice, Saturday dinner.

At the far end of the pasture where the dirt road leads only to the hillside and the ancient castle, we found a group of men guiding the rest of the cows (and one very stubborn calf) to the fields.

It was kind of romantic in that city-girl-mingles-with-cows-from-camera-distance kind of way.  I wanted to pet them but they were HUGE.  I didn’t realize how HUGE cattle are with their big bovine heads that look much less docile when you’re right up next to them.

It was worth the nearly 2 hour trip to Nagyvázsony.  Sun on the lake, and on the flowering fields.  Pure joy. And of course Barnabás had a chance to run his little spaniel heart out.


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