Color Splash & Spring Colds

This time last year I had a terrible case of strep throat.  This year, Gyorgyi has graciously given me a spring cold. She picked it up from a few geologists at work, but I’ve come to despise this one week of the year. We’ve both been sick and it’s been cold and rainy and all around miserable. But, in 1.5 weeks my brother is going to be here, along with the summer, and everything should turn around. (along with my very behind blog posting!)

Until then, I will post a few photos I took with my new iPhone and the Color Splash application. I have a new $1,000 camera which I adore. But as it turns out, there are some pretty incredible photo apps for the iphone, which make even cam. phone pics seem professional. With the Color Splash application, you can extract some colors and then put a few back.  Pretty cool.

(Szeged Park)

(Our Cowboy)


(The Ball)


4 thoughts on “Color Splash & Spring Colds

  1. Thank you! I wish I could take credit for the artfulness, but I have to say these iPhone apps make being artful a lot easier these days 🙂 Good luck publishing your novel! I’m on an agent hunt myself and it can be quite the experience in patience!

  2. Hi Jess!

    I hope you feel better soon. Mark, Alex and I all had the same thing. We think CC gave it to us. I love your pictures- really cool!


  3. Hi Aunt Sue 🙂 My parents said it was cold and rainy and yucky there too so I guess the whole northern hemisphere is experiencing a little spring slowdown. It’s the worst to get a cold this time of year though. But I feel much better an the sun is back so all is right in the world !! Hope you’re all doing well. Almost summer break!

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