So the sun has returned, which makes a late Saturday in May so much more enjoyable. I’m in Szeged, City of Sunshine, right now, attending the wine festival and local Szeged days. There is a Christian holiday on Monday so work is canceled, and since both Györgyi and I have been long suffering in the pit of spring colds, we’re going to take full advantage of this weekend!

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, on a particularly bright Saturday morning. Bright sun + clear sky is the standard for Budapest in the warmer month, but after the long, gray winter, there is nothing better than sun announcing her return.

The colors of Buda are summer hues.

All winter the docks were empty, except for the permanently stationed water-front restaurants. But now, riverboats are lining the Pest side of the river, spilling thousands of visitors out of their rocking bellies. Sometimes the crowds are overwhelming, but this is such a great time to visit Hungary. And now that the week of rain has stopped and the air is warm, I’m going to leave my computer and go and join the rest of the sunshine city outside. Fish soup on the banks of the Tisza and a little afternoon wine.


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