Back to the Grind

Now that Brian has left, we’re all (well some of us) back to working hard. Or harder than anyone should have to in the summer. There are only nine more weeks until my family comes for a visit and those nine are going to sail. I’ve got about a billion articles to write and another billion documents to edit. Ms. Györgyi Sára is in the middle of an office move. And Barnabás is, well, exhausted by everything. So exhausted, in fact, that he can’t even haul himself into his bean bag bed to sleep during the day.

His photo shoots have been pretty demanding though. Several different counties. New tricks. And on top of everything it’s foxtail season and danger is everywhere.

Since my last attempt at growing herbs failed miserably (well they are growing very very healthy looking non-native weeds), György bought me these little idiot-proof pocket garden packets in Vienna. One cilantro and one pepper. I have really followed the directions to a T on these so I hope they are going to produce lots of salsa-making ingredients.

Despite our disparate schedules, crazy hours, and lack of sleep (well, for most of us), we’re still managing smiles.  It is summer in Europe after all.


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