I never like to post the same pictures here and also on Barnabás’ site, but today, since it was a guest appearance, I decided to do it. Alfi is Györgyi’s Dad’s dog–a faithful yellow lab and permanent resident of the river weekend house. If there was a complete dog opposite of Barnabas, it would be Alfi. He’s silly and carefree and calm, as opposed to Barnabas who is gradually becoming that crotchety camp counselor who roams the grounds at night screaming LIGHTS OUT. The two dogs do have fun together, even though Barnabas steals Alfi’s food, water, attention and territory.

Which is why when Alfi does get an opportunity for a treat, he almost can’t control his blissful excitement:

I absolutely cannot resist how adorable this look of profound anticipation. He is floating on pure joy.


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