New Bike

So I finally got my dreamy, Italian city bike on Saturday. I was debating about the colors, but when I was in the shop, I just couldn’t resist the powder blue. Now she may not be as hip as Györgyi’s California beach cruiser, or one of my brother’s billion dollar mountain bikes, but riding through the deserted 13th district, past the watermelon vendors and public gardens where people were napping in the sun, seemed to make the city even more summery and spectacular on the back of the city cruiser.

July 4th weekend was really nice. It seemed like everyone in our district was away at the lake or pool so the streets were quiet. I made some typical American food along with a few personal bourbon peach pies, which I served with Vanilla ice cream. I’m not a religious person but if I had to have a ceremony, the personal peach pie would be heavily featured in the rite of communion.

I woke up on Sunday morning to find these little darlings.  Growing in salute of America’s birthday, no doubt.


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