The End of Summer Wedding Season

We went to FOUR weddings this summer. I think it’s one of the first official sign of my 30s. That and I can’t seem to stay awake past 10 p.m. I like the Hungarian wedding tradition. City or town hall, public official, signing of documents, witnesses, a kiss or two to seal the deal, and a champagne toast. (And all in about 20 minutes!).

All of the weddings (and brides of course) were very beautiful, and I was really happy to be invited for the special days.  I uploaded the pictures into just one slideshow here to try out the new wordpress slide feature, which I can hopefully use from now on, considering its ease.

Congratulations to all of the happy couples: Kiss Julianna és Burg Balázs, Tóth Géza és Győző-Molnár Anita, Szarvas Júlia és Máhl János and Szarvas Gábor és Kasza Ildikó.

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