Náncsi Néni

On Tuesday night we went to Náncsi Néni, which is a Hungarian restaurant in Budapest’s second district. In my previous post I called it a Hungarian kitchen, which is probably more accurate, because the intention is to provide quality, home-cooked Hungarian classic meals the way that grandma used to make. Of course our family is lucky, since we all have Hungarian grandmothers. But if you aren’t as fortunate, you should definitely make the journey out into the Buda hills to try this fantastic restaurant.

My parents have been hearing about the food here for two years, so Náncsi Néni was a good option to take them away from the unfortunate lack of traditional-style Hungarian cooking in the tourist capital.

The table was covered with candles, cloth and fresh herbs: citrom and oregano. Soon after sitting down, we ordered pálinka as a welcoming drink and a few bottles of wine.

The Hortobágyi palacsinta was a big hit.  It’s basically a chicken paprikas stuffed into a crepe.  How’s that for a Hungarian description!

All of the food was amazing. Among the group, we had fois gras, gulyas soup, catfish paprikas, trout, duck, breaded chicken and turkey with various potatoes and veggies. And for desert we passed round two different palacsintas (crepes). One had peaches inside and the other was chocolate with cream.

And even though they thought it was a little “strong” at first, everyone really enjoyed the pálinka. Of course, after the first one, the rest go down quite easily!

The wine highlight of the night was definitely a red “Bull’s Blood” from the incredible St. Andrea winery. It was a 2007 and the wine is called “Blessing”. While everyone seemed to enjoy it, we would be in store for many more of St. Andrea’s wonderful creations the next day during our trip to Eger and a private wine tasting at the winery.


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