Széchenyi Baths

I’m back!  It was an incredible month of travelling and adventure with my family, but now that it is October and my parents have been home for five days, I figured it was about time to get back to work and blurbing at Budajest.

To really go into detail about the month will take some time, but I have so many pictures and I don’t want them to get lost in my rush to get it all done at once.  So I will go back to the end of the first week in September, which is just about where I left off anyway.

I had to do a little bit of work that first Saturday, so Györgyi took my mom to Széchenyi Baths. Syechenyi Baths were the first of their kind in Pest, with the temporary bath established in 1881. The permanent structure that you can see today was built in 1913.  There have been various additions over the years, including an entire reconstruction in 1999.

The day that the gals went, it was very cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the picturesque surroundings and the wonderful, thermal water. Budapest is known as a city of baths, but Széchenyi may be the nicest.

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