All Saints

A lot of countries in Europe, including Hungary, give a day off for All Saint’s Day on November 1st. Like a lot of cultures, people here use the day to go the cemeteries to visit family member’s graves and the graves of friends. Famous dead politicians, artists, celebrities, national heroes, etc., all receive a lot of visitors as well. It was a beautiful day in Szeged so we took a few hours and walked through two different cemeteries here. The first was where Györgyi’s grandmother, Dr. Szabo Irén is buried. Györgyi brought some flowers and dusted away a few leaves. Then we went to the city’s biggest cemetery to walk around and look at some of the plots of famous Hungarians. Is it strange to say a cemetery is beautiful? Both were. There were opulent and simple graves, family mausoleums and walls of urns. Family members were everywhere: walking, sweeping leaves, recounting stories, lighting candles. There was something very comforting and nice about the whole day. And even though Hungarians aren’t very religious, they do really respect tradition and find comfort in it. I took a few pictures to capture what I could of the atmosphere. I think they speak of the fall and of this town.

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