The Lovely Apple

I write hard. Or at least that’s probably the perspective of my computer. I work on the computer over 12 hours a day and I “slam” the keys, as my mother would say, as she said when I was young and played the piano. So it was an absolutely incredible surprise that Gyorgyi and my parents got me a new MacBook Pro for Christmas. I’ve had several previous Mac computers, including the MacBook as my last computer. The Pro is a little snazzier. Back-lit black keys and all.

I think that now, between just Gyorgyi and I, we have about eight Apple products. (No, I’m not getting paid by Apple to talk about how much I am in love with everything that they produce.) 2010 was a great year for the apps revolution. From Angry Birds to Words with Friends to the new Google visual recognition applications. But since this is not a tech blog, I thought I would just share a few pictures from Christmas morning that I took with my iPhone and a 1 dollar app called Hipstamatic. The pictures emulate the old Kodak instamatic cameras. I am really looking forward to nerd-tech in 2011.

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