It’s Friday at noon.  I know this for certain because I can hear the church bells ringing. The sound has carried across the river from Dom ter where the seminary students are scuffling through the corridors trying to make midday prayer. Do church bells still ring out midday in America? I’m not sure. I know they rang in Slovenia, and in Prague too when we were there two springs ago. Maybe it’s exclusive to Europe and small towns. And to churches who still has a person willing to climb into the tower and grab the rope.

Last night we drove around the city a little bit, hunting tree shadows on side street garages. Then we went out for pizza and a few beers.  We called it “going out for a soup” so that we wouldn’t feel too guilty for indulging a little bit before the weekend. But it’s been sort of a celebratory week. Last week I found out that dancing girl press is going to publish my chapbook, Slap Leather, next fall! Yay. And on top of that we finalized our logo for the new company.

So, January is settling in. The weather should be pretty enjoyable this weekend here. A full 50 and sunny tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, and also to the Steelers game. On Sunday we’re planning a little day trip to a flea market. Some people apparently sleep in their cars outside to get the first rush-through. Others bring torches to light the 5 a.m sightline when the doors open. O winter weekends–szeretlek!


One thought on “Fridays

  1. Congratulations, again! And you know what can be better than a Friday night? A calm, nice Saturday morning with the church bell ringing.

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