The Carpathian mountain range is the second largest mountain range in Europe, and it extends from Poland to Serbia (expanding into Ukraine and Romania’s Transylvania in the East). The mighty Danube separates the range from the Alps and Hungary sits in the basin.

The Carpathian Mountains are ancient mountains, listed in countless national documents and legends. Ptolemy wrote about them in his Geographia. Scandinavian documents recorded the epic battles between the Goths and the Huns. And much of the Dracula legend depicts the southern Carpathians, which legends claim are stalked by vampires and werewolves.

Over the centuries the Carpathians have played a significant role in the lives and economy of many countries in the region, and have become emblematic of the cherished natural world. In Hungary, the Carpathian basin is called Kárpát-medence.

As most of you know, Gyorgyi, my Dad, my Mom and I started a small communications firm with the goal of working in the U.S and Hungary. So when it came time to chose our company name, we thought Karpat Communications felt right.

We will be working with Hungarian companies and helping them expand their brand to English-speaking consumers with translation services, marketing, and new media campaigns. We’ve been building it in the last few months, organizing the website and meeting with new clients, in addition to working non-stop with our fabulous first client, the St. Andrea Winery, whose brand (and wine!) Gyorgyi and I have admired for a very long time now.

I won’t be promoting our company here on my blurblog, but I think it’s important to mention, as it is taking up a big part of my time here in Hungary now.

And Barnabas won’t be disappearing from the web world either, though he has been working so hard lately, it’s been difficult to set up shoots for him. As soon as I drag him out of bed and brush his luscious locks, you’ll start to see much more of him over on his site.


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