Mrs. Peacock with the Pisztoly

During a recent trip to Tesco, I had the overwhelming urge to play Clue. For those of you who didn’t play board games between 1940 and 2011, Clue is a simple little murder-mystery game. I’m not sure if kids are encouraged to play these types of games anymore, lest their sensitive imaginations turn toward the macabre. Though every generation has their dangerous games. My mom and her sister favored mumbly-peg, the cherished, outdoor game where kids threw pocket knives at each other’s bare feet.

When I saw the game at our local Tesco, I had to have it. So last weekend when we had a few friends over, we decided to play Cluedo, as it is called outside of North America. It was actually a lot more fun as an adult, especially when playing with four rather investigatively savvy central-European women. I was clearly out-matched.

Barnabas didn’t make it past the first round.


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