Szeged Étterem Borozó és Pub

We went to the Szeged Étterem Borozó és Pub today for the daily menu. I’ve been there before and really like the food and the service. I’ve never been downstairs, however, to the Wine Bar és Pub part of the restaurant. And that is where they serve the daily menu.

Daily menus are pretty popular throughout Europe. Many restaurants have them during the week and they’re really well suited for business lunchers or those looking to have a little less expensive meal at a nice restaurant. And most of the time they come in three courses.

Today our first course was vegetable soup:

Second course–roasted pork with bacon and mushroom sauce and a side of oven potatoes.They even left some of the crispy potato skins on the plate. Yum. The pork was so tender and the potatoes were really sinful when dipped in the decadent sauce. Something about eating out at lunch makes me think it’s okay to consume bacon lardons. Need to address that at some point.

And the third course was a sponge cake roll with apricot jam. A sweet little finish to a great lunch:

The inside of the Pub was pretty nice. Gyorgyi said it was too light and sterile, but I liked the brick on the wall and the cellar feel. I imagine that for dinner and late service they turn the lights down, otherwise it might be a little bit startling for the evening hours.

We drank the complimentary pitcher of lemon water. That meant that the total for one ended up be just 850 HUF. When you add a tip, that comes to about $5.50 USD. Considering the amount of food, the service that only took 45 minutes, and the fact that this is one of the nicer restaurants in Szeged, that price was a total steal. I will definitely go again for the daily menu.

And now that the weather is nice, their huge terrace that overlooks a promenade park in the city center is open. And though the main courses are more expensive, it’s worth sitting outside just for the great wine and good atmosphere.

Szeged Étterem
6720 Szeged,
Széchenyi tér 9
06 62 649 448 


9 thoughts on “Szeged Étterem Borozó és Pub

  1. Two great blog posts. I especially liked the two of you at the paprika museum in the cardboard frame of the peasants. Too cute. Also, the daily menu at Seized Etterem Pub looked great. Wish I was back there with you two! Great pics!

  2. This is most likely a generalization, but it strikes me that people in Europe enjoy lunch more these days than those of us in the United States. In the U.S. we tend to view lunch as an extension of the business day. When in Europe, it just seems to be something more casual, more enjoyable.

  3. It’s true. Lunch is really an important meal of the day, and people will have a big meal with a glass of wine, etc. They take the “break” part seriously in the lunch break. I think it’s great!

  4. Be sure to try out the Tejbár for an authentic student joint for cheap eats in Szeged! It’s just down the street from Dom tér.

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  6. In case you hadn’t found it:

    If I remember correctly a block down from the trolley bar cafe.

    The prices look like they come up since I was last there. I was told that it was open all night.

    Love that Szeged with its hidden cool bars. Look up, look down, they’re all ‘roun’. Here’s two to recommend: One cute but smokey basement cafe is stuffed full with old communist-era knick-knacks and household appliances. I think it was on Ferenc. The other was a rooftop bar on top of the City Szeged Hotel. (neé Romance Hotel) Hopefully it is still open as it was so nice with the cool river breezes.

  7. I didn’t recognize the name Milk Bar, but when I saw Boci I knew what you meant. I have been there just once. It was after an open-air theater performance and I had turo gomboc and it was a mountain of deliciousness 🙂 And thank you so much for the two recommendations for bars. I haven’t heard of either place so I’m going to look for them this weekend!

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