I grew up in Ohio so I am well-schooled in rain and storms. But since I spend most of my year now in Hungary, in a city that is known for its unending, paprika-nourishing sunshine, I find myself missing the rain. It was sunny for about eight straight weeks until last week. That’s when the air pressure changed.  The wind slashed its way through the curtains and suddenly the smell of heavy-clouds and soil filled the whole flat.

The few moments before the rain is the most exhilarating, especially in the deepest part of an early spring evening.

The contrast of colors against the clouds and darkening sky.

Colors that seem somehow almost deeper pre-storm than in the sun.

The wind is my absolute favorite. Completely chilled. The preface to a string of lightning and thunder.

I love how the basil shiver.

I made my way in inside before the rain, but noticed other people an animals watching the storm from windows and perches.

Brave cats.

And scaredy cats.


2 thoughts on “Storm

  1. So nice. I actually think Szeged during the day looks better if it is a bit overcast when its not wintertime. There’s something about the architecture and layout of the city that doesn’t really embrace all of its sunshine. I could be wrong though.

  2. Thanks Vladimir! And I would have to agree with you. I really like what you said about how the architecture doesn’t always seem to embrace the light. It’s a very nice way of thinking about it. Sometimes the constant sunshine seems, almost, too forceful. But I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only person who thought that way–and it wasn’t just my native Ohioan need for a little cloud once in awhile!

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