Sunflower Fields

Gyorgyi and I have been putting in a lot of early morning miles these days. We’re lucky because here in Hungary the sun rises at about 4 a.m, and even though not that many people are up with the sun, the sky is pretty much fully light by 5. This makes for ideal running conditions, especially if you have to put in 10+K before work.

We run along the river, on a dam that was built up after Szeged’s Great Flood in 1879 that destroyed the city.

I’ve always loved running in the early morning. No traffic. No hooligans (except for a few staggering home from bars). The air is fresh and the sun is not intense enough to deter a strong pace.

And maybe it’s because I’m an Ohio gal at heart, but watching the sun dip itself like a long lash over the fields makes every ache and pain and beat worth it. This morning we saw the Dam Master feeding his turkeys, while his new puppy dozed by the porch stairs. I saw a stork, a fox and a few stray cats stretching themselves awake. But probably the best site is the recently formed sunflowers, preening themselves in light.

For some interesting pictures about Szeged’s Great Flood, take a look at this short, YouTube video:


5 thoughts on “Sunflower Fields

  1. Luckily I’m an early riser. I get a little nervous if I’m not up by 5.

    And it really is a peaceful setting. Its the best way to get a little buzz for the day!

  2. I get nervous if I have to wake up before 7 a.m. 🙂
    That’s why I run in the evening. But I agree – when once a year I manage to do my running in the morning, it is just simply feels good and makes my day different.

  3. You know, some years ago I definitely wouldn’t have said that I was an early bird or a runner… and look at me now 🙂
    I REALLY enjoy running very early when I know most of the people are sleeping. There is a little magic in it. Love it.
    And Evi, go for it, running in the morning is GREAT!!! 🙂

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