Mea Culpa and One Red Door

I have been a terrible blogger. And to all of my loyal readers, I really owe many mea maxima culpas. Since December when I knew for sure that Gyorgyi would have to go back to Hungary, at least for 4 or 5 months, I just sort of disappeared into the terrible, confusing ethers of immigration policy, lawyers, and facing an Ohio homecoming alone. But after a few turns-for-the-more-confusing, things have, suddenly improved. My ancient Catholic bones have a little lingering superstition in them, so I won’t go into details, but it seems like Gyorgyi will be back next month. She’ll have a student visa and a little fat black pig in tow. And I couldn’t be happier. So blogoverse, I’m back!

So it’s occurred to me that now that I’m back and I should resume my life–i.e–stop holding my breath and waiting for the next floorboard to give way. And what better way to do that than to resume my blurbing. So without further adieu…

Two weeks ago I went into hiding because it was my 32nd birthday. What a weird thing that happens in the early 30s. Suddenly, you pass from one digit to the next and it’s just no deal at all. 32. Meh. I like the way the number looks in this font, so that’s a positive. The other major positive is that my parents took me out to a truly wonderful dinner at One Red Door in Hudson. The night began with my Mom putting my Dad’s newly long hair into a rocking red pony.


One Red Door is a casual fine dining joint  that mirrors what a lot of casual/quality European restaurants are doing these days. Not tapas, and not a micropub, but a condensed, thoughtful menu featuring local products and drinks. Chef and Owner Shawn Monday, previously of Downtown 140, has injected a bit of joy and comfort (both in the offered dishes and atmosphere) in the First and Main area.

I drank French 75s and ate terrific lobster, along with some notable apps of spicy olives and perfectly cooked calamari. My Dad had the lamb, which was sumptuously prepared according to the chef’s recommendation. And my mom’s grouper was truly unique. I had a taste and we both remarked that we wanted to just drink the reduction. Does One Red Door have a saucier?

I was still on my Lenten “no sweets” fast, but my parents didn’t mind indulging in the chocolate bombe with a vanilla espresso sauce. I had a local coffee and ate the strawberry.

So brass tacks: It’s not an inexpensive restaurant, though I suppose if you didn’t order all of the drinks you could come out for under $40 pp. We came out closer to $75 pp. But I have to say that they didn’t charge us for the bottle of sparkling water. I don’t know if it was a mistake or just gratis, but it honestly made me smile. I will definitely go back again.

One Red Door

49 Village Way
Hudson, OH 44236
(330) 342-3667


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