Summer and So Long


On Sunday Gyorgyi and I drove back from Canada, where we spent the night falls-gazing and 1c slot-pulling. We weren’t there on holiday, as would normally be the case when August rolls around in most of Europe. Instead we were there so that Gyorgyi could leave the US on her visitor’s visa and finally enter the States on a student visa.

This summer has been such a tumultuous, brilliant whirlwind, but I am so glad to note that school will be starting soon and the rush of students will somehow bring a sense of measure to my life again.

Most of you know that I accepted the position of Program Coordinator at the Wick Poetry Center. I’m thrilled to be part of the amazing staff and the mission of bringing wonderful poets and poetry outreach to NE Ohio. And of course, it all feels a bit reminiscent–like I’ve come back home.

I won’t be updating this blog anymore. This project was always meant to be a way for me to make note of my time in Hungary. I hope some day to turn these posts into a book–whenever I have just the right amount of distance between the old country and my current one for the familiar writer’s longings to stir something inside of me.

I can’t even begin to thank you all. All of my family, friends, readers. So much of my time in Europe was framed by a sense of wanting to document certain experiences for you all to read, and without you, who knows.

Though I won’t be posting any new stories to budajest, you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter. And for anyone interested in following my writing life, pop over to my professional site and say hello.

Cheers to you, Internet–with a palinka of course.

I wish you love and adventure, always.


7 thoughts on “Summer and So Long

  1. This is a tremendous coda for Budajest. And I hope at some point you do turn it into a book. Your view of life in Europe — and in Budapest — was both inspiring and inspirational. And until I had the great opportunity to visit and live (for a few weeks) in Budapest did I know what a great city and experience it offered. I thank you and Gyorgyi for that. I also believe that life is a series of experiences, hopefully positive. Your posts on Budajest show what is possible when you are willing to get out of the comfort zone and take a risk. Now we are looking forward to your posts about life in the USA — and about Wick poetry.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog (which I came to through your delicious Chicken Paprikas recipe). Thanks for writing it, and good luck in your new job!

  3. I will miss your blog. I was always interested in how foreigners see us, Hungarians, especially when they see and meet places and people off the usual tourist routes. You wrote about these in a special way which I really loved. All the best for the future and hope to meet you and Gyorgyi in Hungary some time again! 🙂

    • Thanks, Eva! I hope that we will be back for a visit again soon. And don’t stop writing about your running adventures. It’s good for my Hungarian and also for my running motivation!

      • You read my blog? Wow, good to know! Though I do not run that much lately due to health issues, I definitely will be on the track soon!

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