El Greco in Heros’ Square


On Sunday we decided to pop into the Museum of Fine Arts Szépművészeti Múzeum, which is located in Heroes’ Square.  It’s a beautiful, neoclassical building, built between 1900 and 1906.  We were there to see In the Wake of Jesus, which featured works of El Greco and other Spanish and Italian masters such as Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Jacopo Bossano, who influenced El Greco during his study in Italy.  The exhibition’s centerpiece was El Greco’s Saint John the Evangelist, which was borrowed from the Prado in Madrid.


The tickets for the museum were 1,600 HUF, which is about $7.50, though it’s half that if you’re under 26 years old.  The price is worth it.  Before heading into the El Greco exhibit, we poked around the Egyptian collection and the museum’s permanent collection.


In the Wake of Jesus was very well put together.  The lighting, which is so crucial and oftentimes overlooked in featured exhibits, was perfectly cast to emphasize El Greco’s magnificent colors and composition.   I had to say that I really enjoyed the museum and the rest of the leisurely afternoon.


On our way out of the museum, we stopped across the street to look at the ducks swimming in the thermal waters. It’s easy when you live in city with so much history and culture that you can fall so far outside of the tourist mindset that you sometimes forget how many amazing things are around you.  I’m always reminded each time I cross the Lánchíd or pass Heros’ Square on the way out of town, but it’s not bad to be a visitor in your own city once in awhile.

This last picture is for my brother, who has a kind of Hitchcockian fear of birds.  We have a room with a view booked for you Brian—whenever you come to visit:



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