Brecksville Reservation

On Sunday I went for a nice walk with my parents at the Brecksville Reservation. As a born and bred Ohioan, I sort of pride myself on knowing the Metroparks and knowing them well. But I must admit that I’ve never been to the Brecksville Reservation. And it’s a shame, because it is truly beautiful.

The reserve surrounds Chippewa Creek and its floodplain, making the towering willows, cottonwoods and sycamores commanding giants.

My parent’s Cockapoo, Coco didn’t get eaten by a Coyote, but I think it’s only because the pearls that my mom bought for her at Christmas shined an intimidating, blinding light into the nearby brush.

What kind of emergency would require a horse to be on the bridge?

The nearby stables, however, enticed with a peaceful meadow full of grazing mares and the promise of spring riding guides.

Visitors can hike the trails and gorge, picnic along the river and even join in regular early-morning bird walks. And in the spirit of enjoying this freak Ohio non-winter, get out and enjoy the Metroparks!

For directions, click here.



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