4,600 Miles From Home

Thanksgiving day is probably the hardest day to be an ex-pat. But the weather is sunny here and there are berries still hanging onto the bushes. And today Györgyi and I went out to get some final ingredients for our party this weekend. By the miracle of the Internet, I am about to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. Then, I will try to make a pumpkin pie with a sort of gourd-like-pumpkin-looking thing. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends out there, American or not. I’m thankful for you all!


2 thoughts on “4,600 Miles From Home

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gyorgi and all your friends in and near the Buda and elsewhere. And we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with you by honoring the best of Hungarian traditions. Welcoming guests with a glass of palenka.

  2. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving for you and for Mary, and Donna, Grandma, Brandy and Ron, too! Have a great night and hope your first course, the Wiener Schnitzel, will hit the spot!
    We are watching the Macy’s Parade and the pumpkin pie is in the oven, we should have a good night, too! 🙂

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