Long Weekend in Békésszentandrás

Békésszentandrás is a village that is situated along the Hármas Körös River in central eastern Hungary. The village was inhabited about a thousand years ago by ancient Hungarians, though it was depopulated (to borrow a word from archeology) by the Mongols and then resettled a few hundred years later. Of course those settlements were only up for a few decades before being depopulated again by the Tartars. But in typical Hungarian fashion, the villagers came back and moved on with their lives, resettling again by the 18th century, after a young aristocrat bought the territory for about $150. The village has only had public utilities since the 1990s, but you wouldn’t know it from driving through the touristy city center.

Now it’s sort of a weekend vacation spot. Nowhere near as posh or expensive as the Lake Balaton region, Békésszentandrás is still a sleepy little village where weekend homes and fishing huts line the river. Gyorgyi and I, along with 8 friends (Edi, Csabi, Andi, Gabi, Erika, Dezso, Anita and Tamas) spent the end of last week and the beginning of this one at a great little house on the river. We swam, paddle-boated, cooked outside, road bikes and scooters and had a lovely, relaxing mini-vacation.


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend in Békésszentandrás

  1. What a great movie of your weekend at the river house! First of all, I want to know who did the spectacular plank at the side of the pool? kudos! Secondly, who caught the poor little teensie-tiny fish? And also kudos to the young lady who, while underwater, clapped her feet like a seal.

    You have some great pictures here. Definitely some are worth blowing up and mounting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was a great long weekend. Dezso did the plank. He also caught the baby catfish. He threw it back because we were all there, but actually the law says that you can’t throw that kind of catfish back if you catch one because they will grow up to be super big and monster-eaters of the other river fish! But he did throw it back! And Andi was the master of the seal clap. hehehe. It was hilarious. 🙂

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